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I want to delve into yesterday’s post on my blog for a moment and the comments I received on Social Media Sites….. Recently my DIY Lipstick palette post was shared on a social media site. There were a few responses as to why I would want to “ruin” my lipsticks and that it was not a palette because ” they were not melted”. This I found a little concerning.

First anyone who has a ton of lipstick or who like myself is a freelance makeup artist either full-time or on the side as I am will tell you that carrying around a ton of lipsticks takes up space. Anything that can be placed in a palette is awesome! That is why in the post I mentioned that I would be purchasing a larger palette as that one does not hold nearly enough lipsticks.

Also anyone who is a MAC lover knows about the Back to MAC program. If you are unaware of the program it is that for each 6 empty item’s  lipsticks, eye shadows  blush’s or whatever that you return to MAC you can get 1 lipstick, lip gloss or eye shadow for free. So a lot of people will depot there MAC items so they can recycle the containers and get free MAC items…

Second I did state in the post that I do not melt my lipsticks down because it changes the consistency in my opinion. I do not want to “ruin” my lipsticks by melting them. If you actually watch YouTube video’s by big beauty guru’s like Wayne Goss, my personal fave, you will see that not melting your lipsticks is actually quite common. Especially when you are placing them in plastic containers that can and will melt.

I am going to include a link to a YouTube video showing another lipstick palette… The only difference between his palette and mine aside from the design of the palette is that he presses his lipsticks in with his finger and I do not. i chose to just leave mine whole in-tell I have used up all the bits of lipstick that were inside the bottom of the tube and then I will press them down with a clean finger.

Here is the link…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-as_zJDLyzg

What is your take on the DIY Lipstick Palette? What do you think about public criticizing on social media sites? Do you think that people are too quick to criticize others?


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I said cheap but quick LOL. Well if we are just talking about your back cover then that is very quick. Here is a picture of what my poor back cover looked like yesterday.

iphone 4 rear cracked cover

iPhone 4 rear cracked cover

Front screen

Front cracked screen


Not a pretty sight huh? Well would you believe that I fixed that cover for a whopping $7!!! Yes it is true $7!!! Do you know how much AT&T wanted. I don’t remember the exact figure for the back cover but I was lucky and broke the front and back of my iPhone. YAY me. For the front fix they wanted $180! Take a guess on what it cost me ?? Go ahead guess.. Ok I will tell you. $23! Yep that’s right.

Today my iPhone looks like new. I paid a total of $30 and spent 3 hours fixing it. Now the YouTube video I was watching as a reference he did it in 15 minutes LOL. However he has experience and I am brand new to this. There are a total of 32 screws in the iPhone 4 that need to be removed and then put back in. You MUST keep track of where the screw were removed from or you will not have much luck reassembling your phone. Here is a link to the YouTube video I used.

Here is a link to where I bought the replacement screens



Anyway this is all the info that you need to do this yourself. Go ahead and save yourself some money. Hey you can use the money you save to buy yourself some new beauty products. YES! I did it so I know you can as well. Just watch the video and follow along. Of course you need to order the replacement screens first. You can download a screw chart and use it to keep track of all those screws. Here is the one I used.



And here is my iPhone after I fixed the screens MYSELF. YAY ME!!!

New Fixed Front Glass iPhone 4

New Fixed Front Glass iPhone 4

New Fixed Back Glass iPhone 4

New Fixed Back Glass iPhone 4

I think it is fair to say I ROCK!!!!



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