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I want to delve into yesterday’s post on my blog for a moment and the comments I received on Social Media Sites….. Recently my DIY Lipstick palette post was shared on a social media site. There were a few responses as to why I would want to “ruin” my lipsticks and that it was not a palette because ” they were not melted”. This I found a little concerning.

First anyone who has a ton of lipstick or who like myself is a freelance makeup artist either full-time or on the side as I am will tell you that carrying around a ton of lipsticks takes up space. Anything that can be placed in a palette is awesome! That is why in the post I mentioned that I would be purchasing a larger palette as that one does not hold nearly enough lipsticks.

Also anyone who is a MAC lover knows about the Back to MAC program. If you are unaware of the program it is that for each 6 empty item’s  lipsticks, eye shadows  blush’s or whatever that you return to MAC you can get 1 lipstick, lip gloss or eye shadow for free. So a lot of people will depot there MAC items so they can recycle the containers and get free MAC items…

Second I did state in the post that I do not melt my lipsticks down because it changes the consistency in my opinion. I do not want to “ruin” my lipsticks by melting them. If you actually watch YouTube video’s by big beauty guru’s like Wayne Goss, my personal fave, you will see that not melting your lipsticks is actually quite common. Especially when you are placing them in plastic containers that can and will melt.

I am going to include a link to a YouTube video showing another lipstick palette… The only difference between his palette and mine aside from the design of the palette is that he presses his lipsticks in with his finger and I do not. i chose to just leave mine whole in-tell I have used up all the bits of lipstick that were inside the bottom of the tube and then I will press them down with a clean finger.

Here is the link…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-as_zJDLyzg

What is your take on the DIY Lipstick Palette? What do you think about public criticizing on social media sites? Do you think that people are too quick to criticize others?


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For anyone who has never contoured and highlighted their face you MUST try it !!! It photographs beautifully and can transform your entire face and look. What I am going to talk about today is the technique my all time favorite makeup artist uses..Wayne Goss from http://gossmakeupartist.blogspot.com/ . Check him out if you have not done so because he is awesomeness at its best! Anyway if you are looking to hide a feature than those are the areas you want to use the darker contour color on.

O.K. let’s get started. The first thing I typically do is my eyes. Fall out is much easier to wipe away when your face is bare and not covered in foundation and powder. All you end up doing is ruining your foundation otherwise.

Next you want to apply your moisturizer and primer or whatever your morning skin care routine consists of. I prefer M.A.C. Prep++Prime. Here is a link to buy this item if you want to experience it awesomeness for yourself!!

mac prep+ prime

Mac prep + prime

After I am all done with my skin care I pull out my trusty BH Cosmetics 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette. It looks like this…


BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette

You can buy this Palette for only $12.95 !!! Get it here  http://www.bhcosmetics.com/products/10-color-camouflage-and-concealer-palette/


What you want to do is take 2 clean concealer brushes..1 for the light color and 1 for the dark color. You need a color that is much lighter than your skin tone and use that to highlight the areas of your face you want to stand out. Your cheek bones, under your eyes, down your nose, your cupids bow. Then take a darker color that is at least 2 or 3 colors darker than your skin tone and use that to contour or to push back the features you do not want to stand out. The hollows of your cheeks, down both sides of your nose, and the perimeter of your face is what I do. We are trying to create shadows and not have our face be one flat color. This is what it should look like at this point.

contoured and highlighted face

Contoured and highlighted face

side view

side view

Other Side

Other Side

I know that if you have never seen this done before that you probably think i have lost my mind but just wait till you see the finishes results. Amazing!! This WILL change your life(for the better LOL) just give it a try.

After you have finished placing your concealer grab a brush my favorite by far for this kind of work is Shiseido‘s Perfect Foundation Brush. It is flat-out amazing and I can not say enough good things about this brush. It really is perfect! The size is great. It is rather short and I love it because it allows me to really get the control I want. The head is compact and nice and dense. Just perfect! It keeps the colors in the same area you applied them while blending like a dream. So you end up with just what you want. I find using a brush with a large head moves the product around too much and muddies my look instead of just blending the colors out.
Here is a link to this amazing brush..http://www.shiseido.com/foundation-brush/0729238108165,en_US,pd.html

A pic as well…

Shiseido Brush

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

Top View

Top View

Best of all for a brush of this quality it will only cost you $30.00!! Pretty great really.

O.K. now that you have chosen your brush and you look like you are a mad woman or man LOL we can start blending. Before you pick up your brush though you need to get a liquid foundation that matches your skin tone. I am currently using Estee Lauder Double Wear maxim Cover camouflage makeup for face and Body SPF 15. I do like it. I was not sure I would but it actually covers great and is really nice to blend with. A little goes a long way..This is what it looks like..

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Estee lauder Double Wear

You can pick this foundation up here for $ $33.50.


I use a small pea sized amount and dot this all over my face on top of the concealer. It looks something like this..

Looking crazy.LOL

Concealer with dotted foundation on top.

Now it is time to take your brush and in small circle motions start to blend. Taking care to keep the colors in the general area that you placed them. This really does do wonders for pictures. If you have photos ahead you really should give this a try.It is life changing!! In the next photo you are going to see the finished results. keep in mind that this is NOT natural light and I have added powder in 2 different shades after the blending.  Before we get to the photo of the finished photos let me show you what powders I used. To be honest my absolute favorite powder in the world is M.A.C Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation it is the best I have found. You can use it on its own in a pinch as well. I also use it for mid day touch ups too. M.A.C has a ton of shades and that makes it nice for the really pale women and the really dark women too. It will cost you $27.00 and you can pick it up on M.A.C’s website here


In the next pic the M.A.C Studio Fix Powder is the round powder and the square one is Cargo Blue_Ray Pressed Powder. The Cargo powder is also very good and comes in a close 2nd in my book. I have tried to use up this powder for a while now and have gone through 4 of the Studio Fix powders by M.A.C in the same time span. Obviously M.A.C is my preference. However, for this look I need a slightly darker powder for the area’s that I added the darker Concealer. The cargo Powder was perfect for this. You can pick up the Cargo Powder for $32.00 here


Here is what both powders look like and I hope you can see in the picture that the Cargo is darker.

Powders used


Cargo(L) M.A.C(R)


After applying my powder I used a blush by The Balm in Hot Mama. I love love this blush and will review it for you all soon. I also used a small amount of M.A.C blush in Trace Gold and on my eyes I have M.A.C’s Quite Natural Paint Pot with Haux  on the lid and cranberry(my new go to) and Swiss Chocolate in the crease. All Shadows are also by M.A.C. As a highlight under my brow I used Urban Decay’s Virgin and in my inner tear duct I used Sin. Both shadows are from my Urban Decay Naked Palette. If you are going to buy just 1 palette then I seriously suggest you buy this one. It is the BOMB!! I can review it if anyone would like. Just comment below. If you do want to buy it you can pick it up for $50.00 at Sephora or online from Urban Decay at http://www.urbandecay.com/naked-palette-eyeshadow-by-urban-decay/245,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=12_1

The last thing i have on is my Embrace Me lipstick by M.A.C and if you read my earlier posts then you know how much I LOVE it!! Anyway onto the indoor pictures.

Finished Look

Finished Look

Side View

Side View

Side View

Side View

And for a picture outside in natural light….


Outside in Natural Light

If you made it this far reading well then Thanks!!! I hope this was helpful for everyone and showed you a new way to do your face and helped you find some really great products.

I bought all products used myself and I am not indorsed or paid by any company. All views expressed are my own honest thoughts. Please do not forget to follow this blog. You can click on follow at the top of the screen if you are a WordPress user and logged in. if not then please hit follow at the bottom of the page. don’t forget to confirm in your email inbox as well. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

What do you think of this look? Is it something you would try? What is your favorite foundation? Do you use a brush or beauty blender?






I have decided what I am going to do for my 1,000 follower giveaway.. Are you ready to find out? Well I sure hope so… O.K. here goes…Anyone who knows me knows that I am a complete palette junkie..Whats not to love? All those gorgeous colors in one easy to travel with palette. I was thinking I would do one of my favorite palettes.. Like the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Or maybe the Lorac Pro Palette…Then I got to thinking well maybe palettes are not going to be the winners thing. Maybe they wont care for a palette. So I decided this… I will take price of the palette I was going to buy, UD Naked, which is $50.00 USD. Whatever the winner would care for that is beauty related up to that price point I will purchase for them.  If the winner does want the Urban Decay Naked 1 or 2 palette then of course that is what I will buy. The item or items chosen will then be mailed to the winner. I will purchase items online and have them shipped to the winner. Good Luck and do not forget to follow this blog and like and share this post on your social network sites. The more you share the faster I will hit 1,000 and the faster you will be able to spend that $50 !!!

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