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Here at Rambling’s I am a believer of supporting my fellow Beauty Bloggers. I think that if we support one another that we will give each

other a larger platform for success. No one starts  a beauty blog or any kind of blog and does not want to succeed. It is human nature to

want to be good at what we do and to be liked. I want to foster an environment here that helps my fellow bloggers in their personal journey

to success. Like wise I hope that my fellow bloggers will do the same for me and every blogger who desires support. Not every blogger is

at the same stage in there blogging career. I am sure there are many bloggers who no longer even need to seek support as their blogs are

get so much traffic on their own. That is awesome for them. I hope to one day be at that point myself..

In the meantime for all the men and women out there like myself I added a link Share area to my sidebar. Simply fill in the form and your link

will be in a prominent spot on my blog.This is my little way of helping support my fellow bloggers. If anyone has the same on their blog let me

know so I can add my link to yours…

Do you think this is a good idea? Do you share links on your blog ?



I know this is a beauty blog for reviews and beauty tips and advice and I promise that my next post will be just that, However lately I have been a flood of emotions with what I feel has been a successful start to this blog.(that’s my opinion only) The ups and downs with my personal relationship(which seems to be up,the last couple of hours at least..) and what I call the beauty blogging community. I have been very blessed to come across some really great bloggers that have been very supportive. Shout out to theinsideoutbeauty.com, check her out she rocks.What is on my mind though is that i have always loved and followed several beauty bloggers. My faviorite by far I read on a daily basis. I may not have commented a ton but i followed her closely. So when I decided to start my journey here at ramblings she was the first person I turned too. I had this idea that she would give me a few pointers and tips and at least a couple words as to what it was like to start her own blog. So I nervously wrote the email excited as all get out about what tid bits of knowledge she would give me and pressed send. For a couple days after I checked my inbox regularly and found nothing… I am still checking my inbox and have still found nothing….To say the least I was upset and disappointed and a little in disbelief. I know this may seem petty to you that I would be upset but the success of a beauty blogger really depends on the readers of the blog. If people don’t read the blog will usually die off a slow death. What is my point to all this you are probably thinking. My point is that if we can only support each other and the new ladies coming in to this community we will all benefit and be stronger together. I delayed the start of this blog due to that incident. I started out here very worried and not as excited as I had been before that.My experience has been that when a someone hits what they consider to be the big time in the blogging world then they no longer want to have anything to do with advice and supporting the incoming community. That is really sad to me. I want ramblings to be a place anyone can come and ask anything and always get support. If a fellow blogger asks me to share a link to there blog then why not? I am going to stop this here because it really upsets me that the people with the audience to really help promote a fellow blogger will not do so. With one link or one tweet they can take a blogger from undiscovered to hundreds of views a day. I don’t want this to be a rant sorry if it seems like one. MY POINT IS SIMPLE LETS HELP SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. Any fellow blogger that wants to do a link a exchange with me I would be happy to.

What do you think about this? Do you think successful bloggers should reach out to the newbies? What would you do?

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