At Madame Madeline’s online store you will find a huge selection of quality lashes for an amazing price. How could I keep such awesomeness to myself ?? Anyone who is a true beauty junkie knows that to pull off the the perfect sexy eye look you need what? Amazing Lashes!! That is what.

The most important thing in any beauty regime is that what you are using and the look you achieve works for you because lets be honest …. while we surely want others to like and admire our look and creativity its unlikely that a non beauty junkie will ever truly understand what goes into the perfect smokey eye. I have dealt with a number of ladies who prefer a little lip gloss and mascara. I will NEVER be one of those girls… So I will be needing a lifetime supply of false lashes…

Since discovering Madame Madeline’s by complete accident I have saved myself countless dollars. You can buy an o.k. set of lashes at your local Rite Aid for $6-7 or an amazing set of Red Cherry Lashes from Madame Madeline for $1.99!! Yes please!!

There are many other brands that you can purchase from Madame Madeline but I love me some Red Cherry Lashes… Why mess with a good thing? I prefer lashes #110, 217, 41, 43 and my personal fave #48. I like the lashes that have a clear flexible band and have gaps between the false lashes for your natural lashes to show and it just looks so much better in my opinion.

Well that is my tip for today. Need Great Lashes? Wanna spend less? Yep, me too!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Madame Madeline and get you some sexy lashes today!!  Get them here..

What is your favorite lash brand? Will you be trying Madame Madeline? 




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