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I am so excited to share with you guys my latest project. As I was sitting at home typing at the kitchen table last week I thought to myself 
man I wish I had an area for working on my blog. It would have to be a makeup room basically as my blog is a beauty blog after all and 
what makeup junkie does not want a room dedicated to just makeup and beauty products….Uh no one that’s who! We all want it. I bet if
we polled 1000 makeup junkies we would get 1000 yes’. So here was my solution. I have a large walk in closet in my bedroom that is a 
wreck at all times. I use it to store things and generally throw my dirty clothes on the ground and all that slobish behavior.  Well the closet 
is my answer. I emptied it out and am turning that into my makeup room and office. I doing this with just stuff I already own. I am going to 
post a DIY beauty closet guide as soon as the project is complete. It is well underway at this point and should not be much longer’ I know
many of us can not just afford to go out and purchase a fancy vanity and custom lighting or we don’t have living spaces with extra room’s 
for this sort of thing. I want to give you guy’s an alternative that you can try to not need to spend a fortune on it. So stay tuned for the 
upcoming post.
Where do you put on your makeup in your house? If you are a blogger where do you usually do your blogging?

Here at Rambling’s I am a believer of supporting my fellow Beauty Bloggers. I think that if we support one another that we will give each

other a larger platform for success. No one starts  a beauty blog or any kind of blog and does not want to succeed. It is human nature to

want to be good at what we do and to be liked. I want to foster an environment here that helps my fellow bloggers in their personal journey

to success. Like wise I hope that my fellow bloggers will do the same for me and every blogger who desires support. Not every blogger is

at the same stage in there blogging career. I am sure there are many bloggers who no longer even need to seek support as their blogs are

get so much traffic on their own. That is awesome for them. I hope to one day be at that point myself..

In the meantime for all the men and women out there like myself I added a link Share area to my sidebar. Simply fill in the form and your link

will be in a prominent spot on my blog.This is my little way of helping support my fellow bloggers. If anyone has the same on their blog let me

know so I can add my link to yours…

Do you think this is a good idea? Do you share links on your blog ?

I want to delve into yesterday’s post on my blog for a moment and the comments I received on Social Media Sites….. Recently my DIY Lipstick palette post was shared on a social media site. There were a few responses as to why I would want to “ruin” my lipsticks and that it was not a palette because ” they were not melted”. This I found a little concerning.

First anyone who has a ton of lipstick or who like myself is a freelance makeup artist either full-time or on the side as I am will tell you that carrying around a ton of lipsticks takes up space. Anything that can be placed in a palette is awesome! That is why in the post I mentioned that I would be purchasing a larger palette as that one does not hold nearly enough lipsticks.

Also anyone who is a MAC lover knows about the Back to MAC program. If you are unaware of the program it is that for each 6 empty item’s  lipsticks, eye shadows  blush’s or whatever that you return to MAC you can get 1 lipstick, lip gloss or eye shadow for free. So a lot of people will depot there MAC items so they can recycle the containers and get free MAC items…

Second I did state in the post that I do not melt my lipsticks down because it changes the consistency in my opinion. I do not want to “ruin” my lipsticks by melting them. If you actually watch YouTube video’s by big beauty guru’s like Wayne Goss, my personal fave, you will see that not melting your lipsticks is actually quite common. Especially when you are placing them in plastic containers that can and will melt.

I am going to include a link to a YouTube video showing another lipstick palette… The only difference between his palette and mine aside from the design of the palette is that he presses his lipsticks in with his finger and I do not. i chose to just leave mine whole in-tell I have used up all the bits of lipstick that were inside the bottom of the tube and then I will press them down with a clean finger.

Here is the link…

What is your take on the DIY Lipstick Palette? What do you think about public criticizing on social media sites? Do you think that people are too quick to criticize others?


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