I am so excited to share with you guys my latest project. As I was sitting at home typing at the kitchen table last week I thought to myself 
man I wish I had an area for working on my blog. It would have to be a makeup room basically as my blog is a beauty blog after all and 
what makeup junkie does not want a room dedicated to just makeup and beauty products….Uh no one that’s who! We all want it. I bet if
we polled 1000 makeup junkies we would get 1000 yes’. So here was my solution. I have a large walk in closet in my bedroom that is a 
wreck at all times. I use it to store things and generally throw my dirty clothes on the ground and all that slobish behavior.  Well the closet 
is my answer. I emptied it out and am turning that into my makeup room and office. I doing this with just stuff I already own. I am going to 
post a DIY beauty closet guide as soon as the project is complete. It is well underway at this point and should not be much longer’ I know
many of us can not just afford to go out and purchase a fancy vanity and custom lighting or we don’t have living spaces with extra room’s 
for this sort of thing. I want to give you guy’s an alternative that you can try to not need to spend a fortune on it. So stay tuned for the 
upcoming post.
Where do you put on your makeup in your house? If you are a blogger where do you usually do your blogging?