I just want to drop a quick line before I get started on my latest beauty review. I started this blog with the intention of Ramblings focusing on solely beauty….Ramblings does and will always focus on beauty. However, it seems that through out my day there are things that I just cant but help share with you. Such as my incredibly cheap iPhone fix the other day. I mean really how could I keep such awesomeness to myself only??? As a result of this I am now deeming Ramblings a beauty and lifestyle blog. That does not mean that Ramblings is going to change at all. It only means that if I have something to share with everyone I will be able to do so without feeling like I am going out of my niche. I see Ramblings as a place we can all come and discuss anything that is going on with our lives. If it pertains to beauty or fashion or savings or great reads even. I feel like this is a much better fit for Ramblings then limiting myself to only reviews. Reviews will always be a huge part of Ramblings but now I feel more at ease announcing this official change to you because I hate having something to share with you all and feeling like I do not know how it will be received if it does not fall under the beauty category. This keeps that from being an issue. So there you have it folks…Ramblings From A Lipstick Addict is officially a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog….

What do you all think about that?? Do you think this is a good change or a bad change?? If you are not a blogger what would you call your blogs niche if you were a blogger? And if you are a blogger what is your niche?