Wow is it really Friday already? Time flies when you are having fun they say and boy am I having fun. Let me just tell you beautiful blogging world that you are my secret little escape…I come here when I am all alone and everything is quiet and spend time just me and you. I love it. It feels that need I have deep down inside to be part of some great thing. To me this is a great thing. The ability to connect with people and share my love with them. When I am frustrated at work or at home and I think that I can not stand a moment longer in this average world that does not understand the importance of beauty and all it is and can be I just think to myself that soon I will be here with you awesome people who get me and get that beauty is amazing and that with a few products and a couple brushes we can achieve greatness….Oh how I wish the people who do not know what it is to look in the mirror in the morning and see a plain girl looking back at you and then in just a short time look back at that same girl and see an artistic masterpiece in the same mirror. This is the same girl…Only now we see the beauty that was always there waiting to be brought to the surface.  Anyone can have and feel this…Regardless of age, race , weight, what color hair and eyes you have. You only need to open your heart up to power of beauty and let yourself feel free to bring that girl to the surface.

I often come here and look for comments because I want so badly to connect with the people who read my posts. I want you to know me and me to know you. I want to share in your discoveries. I want to share with you mine. I read blogs that have thousands of followers and comments and I think how lucky that blogger is to have made the connection. I am not doing this to get rich or get free stuff. I am doing this because I genuinely want to know you guys and I really want to share with you when I find an amazing product or a great deal. If you are reading this post please leave me a comment and tell me a little about yourself and what you would want to read about on ramblings? I would love to log into wordpress tonight and see lots of comments. You guys would make my day!! So please comment, share and follow…Together we can make this small corner of the web something magical..A place where anyone can come and talk about the things that the non beauty obsessed do not understand….Lets make this something great.


A Lipstick Addict