What quest ? That is probably what you are asking yourself…. I am actually talking about my quest to find my spot or niche in the beauty blog world. I have contemplated this journey a million times at least.  I always thought to myself “oh there are tons of beauty bloggers “. That is true. There are tons of beauty bloggers out in internet land. I thought about you tube but decided that I didn’t have enough lighting and equipment for that. That may still become an addition in the future.

I have no claim to fame or anything like that. i am simply one beauty obsessed girl with a desire to share my obsession with the world… I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff…. You know that feeling when you have ordered some amazing little gem online. Like a new order from MAC or Sephora. You hear the knock at your door and you know who is there because you have been tracking your new beauties like an obsessed jealous spouse! Yep that’s me. I run to the door as quickly as humanly possible. Scribble my signature for the UPS driver and slam the door shut with my foot while  tearing open my prize. I inspect each new item and spend the required “bonding” time with each piece before carefully stowing away each item in my ever-growing makeup drawers.  After I have them put away I am always a little sad that they will stay there and only be pulled out each morning. That is why I am on this journey. Those beauties deserve to be shared with the world.  LOL. So i have set out on my journey finally. I am excited about the possibilities.  I love checking my stats and seeing that I have had 2 more readers than yesterday…. I know its slow going but worth every letter typed. I hope to get the chance to meet many people to have conversations with people all over the world and share our common love with one another. If I inspire even one person then I am happy.

My life is not all roses right now. I have the everyday stresses and a relationship that is in disarray. I do not know what my future holds but through it all I have faith and makeup…..I need nothing more…