What do you do when you have invested years in a relationship only to discover that it seems to be a dead end? If you hold on to the bitter end(and it will be bitter) you can pretty much guarantee that you will not end as friends. 

So this seems to be my reality. I never did a proper introduction post on this blog. I do believe it is time to go beneath the makeup and touch on the real me. I am 32 and have for the last 3.5 years spent my life with an amazing woman whom I fell in love with almost instantly. We have weathered a few storms. We are blessed beyond measure to be the parents of our amazing 2 year old son. Somewhere along the lines we stopped being a couple and just became parents. Both sharing the common desire to make our son as happy as could be. All the while growing further apart as a couple. We no longer connect on any level other then as parents. There are no kisses and hugs goodbye. There are no butterflies….My greatest regret…

So when the breakdown occurs what do you do? Do you hope for the best and spend year after year unsatisfied? I miss the feeling of being held and being desired. I miss laughing with her till my cheeks hurt…I miss my friend…I miss being happy at home. 

What would you do?